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Reactivation of hepatitis B in a long-term anti-HBs-positive patient with AIDS following lamivudine withdrawal.


J Hepatol. 1998 Aug;29(2):306-9. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

BACKGROUND/AIMS: In HIV-infected patients, who have recovered completely from an acute hepatitis B infection and become anti-HBs positive, hepatitis B infection may be reactivated after progression to AIDS. CASE REPORT: We present the case of a homosexual male patient with AIDS who developed clinical and serological reactivation of hepatitis B with detectable HBV-DNA 18 years after complete recovery from acute hepatitis B infection. Prior to reactivation, antiretroviral triple therapy including lamivudine was changed to therapy without lamivudine. After reintroduction of lamivudine in the triple therapy, HBV-DNA became undetectable and the patient lost HBsAg and again developed anti-HBs antibodies. CONCLUSION: The hepatitis B in this patient can be explained best by reactivation of persistent HBV infection, possibly because of transient decline in antibodies against HBs-antigen due to a reduction in CD4+ lymphocyte numbers and B cell dysfunction. This observation points to the clinical relevance of HBV persistence in serum and blood cells of anti-HBs-positive subjects for many years after recovery from acute hepatitis B infection. The possible role of lamivudine withdrawal which immediately preceded HBV breakthrough in our patient is noteworthy. Regular monitoring of markers of HBV infection, including HBV-DNA, in patients with AIDS appears justified after discontinuation of lamivudine.

JOURNAL ARTICLE Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome/*COMPLICATIONS/*DRUG THERAPY Anti-HIV Agents/*ADMINISTRATION & DOSAGE/THERAPEUTIC USE Case Report Drug Administration Schedule DNA, Viral/BLOOD Hepatitis B/COMPLICATIONS/*PHYSIOPATHOLOGY Hepatitis B Surface Antigens/*BLOOD Hepatitis B Virus/*GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT/ISOLATION & PURIF Homosexuality, Male Human Lamivudine/*ADMINISTRATION & DOSAGE/THERAPEUTIC USE Male Middle Age Recurrence *Virus Activation


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