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Films fight discrimination


Two new videos aimed at fighting workplace discrimination are being released by the International Labour Organization to mark World Aids Day today and the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on Sunday, December 3.

The two short films are shot in the style of 1920's silent, black-and-white movies and are designed to be appreciated by the general public. The first film (1.26 seconds) tells the story of a man with HIV/Aids who is shunned by his work colleagues, and then, after they learn about HIV, accepted by them, eating, working and relaxing alongside them.

The second film (56 in. long) shows what happens to a well-qualified blind woman when she tries to get an office job.

Both films carry the message "Discrimination in the Workplace - Not Approved" and ask "What can you do?"

"The message we want these films to send is that the main change that most people with disabilities or HIV need to work productively and make a contribution to society, is to be given an equal chance," said Emanuela Pozzan, an ILO expert on disability issues.

"We hope these films will be shown as widely as possible, so they can have the greatest impact".

Both films are available in English and Thai, and also include a sign language version. They were shot with the help of Thailand's Pranda Group, using amateur actors (Pranda workers), and were funded by Irish Aid. Both films were produced by the Redemptorist Foundation for People with Disabilities.


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