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Clinical Studies in the Los Angeles Area


A wide variety of clinical studies are open to women, including trials with antivirals and protease inhibitors. Also, those looking to prevent and treat opportunistic infections. There are trials for people who are resistant to all approved medications. There are trials to find treatments for neuropathy, and various other disorders. There's a trial for just about everything. The following is a partial list of studies in the Los Angeles area.

AIDS Research Alliance


A study of an experimental HIV test to determine accuracy. The study is for people at high risk for HIV and will compensate $25.

People with Abacavir hypersensitivity needed for blood draws. $50 compensation.

UCLA Center for Clinical AIDS


ACTG 5030: Valganciclovir Pre-Emptive Therapy for CMV Viremia.

ACTG 5068: Structured Treatment Interruption and Therapeutic Vaccines for those with stable HIV.

ACTG 5117: Observational Study for the Development of Neuropathy (No medications provided).

ACTG 5082: Study of Metformin and Rosiglitazone for Hyperinsulinemia/Elevated Waist-Hip Ratio.



Ongoing enrollment for many studies involving women.


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