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(ATDN) Gene transfer trial


Treatment Review #16; January 1995

A new gene therapy is in clinical trials for the treatment of HIV infection. The treatment is called HIV-IT. HIV-IT works by delivering two parts of the HIV virus to cells that aren't infected by HIV. These parts are genes with the names env and rev. These genes end up on the outside of uninfected cells. It is hoped this will boost an immune response that kills infected cells. In earlier trials, HIV-IT was able to boost the immune response. The treatment was well tolerated. A larger trial is now enrolling.

To participate in this trial, you must be HIV+, 18 to 65 years old, and agree to use a barrier form of birth control. If you are taking an antiretroviral, you must have been on a stable dose for 3 months. The antiretroviral must be discontinued for 96 hours before and 48 hours after each treatment. You cannot have any opportunistic infection. You cannot have been taking any experimental treatments within 30 days of starting the study. Other drugs are not allowed, which the study coordinator will go over with you. If you are interested in this study, call The Network for more information.


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