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T.J. Martell Foundation Seeks Ad Space Donations For PSA Campaign: Promise Campaign Will Fund Leukemia, Cancer and AIDS Research


NEW YORK, July 25, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The T.J. Martell Foundation needs your help. In January of 2013, we will be launching a brand new public service campaign entitled Music's Promise for a Cure to bring awareness to the Foundation's mission of funding leukemia, cancer and AIDS research. We are asking for the media's support to contribute print ad space, internet banner ad space, radio and TV ad time to spread the word.

What would you do if your child were sick? Music industry executive Tony Martell promised his son, who was dying of leukemia, that he would raise $1 million to fight the disease. In the past 37 years, the T.J. Martell Foundation has provided over $250 million to support innovative leukemia, cancer and AIDS research in loving memory of T.J., who succumbed to the disease in 1974; these funds have been successfully leveraged into billions of dollars in additional funding from larger sources like the National Institute of Health and the National Cancer Institute.  

Says CEO Laura Heatherly, "Music's Promise for a Cure is a unique campaign devoted to helping those in need. Our respected scientists depend on our support to continue their life-saving research, and your donation will help us help them."

The TV and radio spots will be thirty seconds; the print and online ads can be sized to your specifications.

In return for your contribution, the Foundation will list your company name on the Foundation's website in January.

For more information on the T.J. Martell Foundation, please visit Join us on,, and To donate, please contact Kate Fitzpatrick at 917.301.2572 or  


Founded in 1975 by music industry executive, Tony Martell, the T.J. Martell Foundation is the music industry's largest foundation that funds innovative medical research focused on finding cures for leukemia, cancer & AIDS; it has provided over $250 million over the past thirty-seven years. The Foundation funds early-stage research projects at eleven excellent institutions across the nation. This research is aimed at developing more effective clinical treatments for patients which otherwise might not be funded.

Kate Fitzpatrick
Communications Manager
T: 917.301.2572

SOURCE  T.J. Martell Foundation

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