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Ramsell Expands Partnership With Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to Help Tailor Medication Therapy Management for People With HIV/AIDS


OAKLAND, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Ramsell Corporation, a leading provider of innovative solutions to organizations that serve the underserved, today announced as part of its continued partnership with the state of Colorado’s AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) it will now be helping qualified patients better manage their prescription drug regimens through a personalized medication therapy management program. RamsellMTM™ is the first integrated solution to be implemented to address the unique needs of HIV/AIDS patients.

By implementing RamsellMTM™, Colorado ADAP aims to improve medical outcomes for patients while reducing overall care costs. RamsellMTM™ combines innovative software with the expertise of clinical pharmacists to educate patients on medication adherence and developing individual, comprehensive action plans for their prescription drug regimens. Ramsell works in collaboration with patients and healthcare professionals to improve care, while reducing unnecessary costs.

“ADAP clients in Colorado can now benefit from much-needed counsel and education to help them adhere to treatment regiments,” said Colleen Higgs, president of Ramsell. “Our solution not only helps patients with adherence, but also helps pharmacists and other HCPs manage care and improve efficiencies.”

About RamsellMTM™ Solution

The RamsellMTM™ solutions is a medication therapy management solution designed to meet both current and future Medicare Part D requirements and to be flexible enough to meet the goal of delivering of MTM services to specialty patients such as people with HIV/AIDS. It is available as either a centralized MTM solution leveraging the experience and expertise of Ramsell clinical pharmacists and technicians or as a customizable and scalable software solution for a sponsor to use in a centralized or decentralized MTM program.

About Ramsell Corporation

Ramsell has been creating positive outcomes for the health and safety of underserved populations since 1964. We help organizations maximize limited resources through cost-effective coordination of care and services for complex populations managed by public health programs, education and corrections. Ramsell offers highly-configurable, web-based technology solutions, services and expertise to assist our clients in connecting people to the services they need. Ramsell provides solutions for pharmacy benefit management, 340B program management, medication therapy management and correctional applications for discharge planning and community supervision. Ramsell is based in Oakland, California.


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