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Link Healthcare Announces Expansion in Asia and Africa


- M & A with Equity Pharma Group, South Africa

- New trading base in Singapore

- Acquisition of trading assets of RHC pharma group in Japan

SYDNEY, September 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Australian-based specialist pharmaceutical and medical technologies business, LINK Healthcare today announced a significant expansion of its operations in the 'Triple A' regions of Australasia, Asia and Africa.

LINK has completed a series of acquisitions and agreements which have seen it emerge as a multinational operation with annual sales approaching $100m and more than 125 employees.

Key among the newly completed deals is a merger and acquisition agreement with South Africa's Equity Pharma Group. Equity Pharma Group is a strong brand in Southern Africa, which is focused on specialty medicines, specific generic medicines (such as HIV medicines) and specialist medical technology products.

Executive Chairman of LINK Healthcare, John Bacon, said, "This acquisition is particularly pleasing because South Africa's pharmaceutical sector is increasingly being supported by government with strong growth anticipated for the foreseeable future."

LINK has also recently established an Asian base in Singapore to commercialise its first product for Asian markets. In October 2011 LINK was granted a licence from Salix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. of North Carolina, USA to market Relistor(R) (methylnaltrexone) in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Asia. The new Singapore office is handling all commercial operations in the Asian region.

In addition, LINK has made a successful bid for the pharmaceutical distribution assets of the RHC company in Tokyo, which will trade as the Japanese Branch Office of LINK Healthcare. Japan is the second largest market for pharmaceuticals in the world after the USA, accounting for 11.2% of the global pharmaceutical industry.

Mr. Bacon said, "We are delighted to have Equity and RHC incorporated into our group and expect to sign several agreements in the coming months to expand the distribution of existing products across the company's whole footprint."

The LINK group now controls advanced regional distribution facilities in Australia, South Africa and Singapore with satellite offices in Japan, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

LINK is a privately owned specialist pharmaceutical and medical technologies business, which has an extensive range of prescription pharmaceuticals in essential therapeutic areas. Its business model is focused on marketing specialist prescription pharmaceutical and medical technology products obtained by acquisition from multinationals or in-licensing from mid-sized innovative companies.

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