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The Hutchinson Santé G-VIR® Glove Reduces the Risk of HIV Virus Transmission in Accidental Needlesticks by 99%, According to a Study Published in the Journal Surgery in February 2013[1]


LIANCOURT, France, February 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The AIDS and hepatitis C viruses expose healthcare personnel to the risk of viral transmission (see the section Accidental exposure to blood: the contamination risks for healthcare personnel) as a result of:

- accidental injuries during treatment (needles, scalpels, lancets, bone fragments, etc.)

- contact with body fluids that contain blood

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Thanks to a new patented technology developed by Hutchinson Sante, an innovative player in the fight against infection risks and in the comfort of healthcare personnel, the G-VIR(R) glove reduces the risk of contamination in cases of accidental exposure to blood, as shown in the study published in the February edition of Surgery (read the opinion of Prof. Charles Edmiston, surgeon and epidemiologist in - Milwaukee, United States-, co-author of the article).

The G-VIR(R) is an active protection glove, designed and developed to improve protection for carers against the risks of viral contamination. The G-VIR(R) is made up of 3 layers. The middle layer includes a disinfecting liquid dispersed as micro-droplets (see: G-VIR(R), innovative technology for protecting carers): in the case of an accidental puncture, the disinfecting liquid is released on the inside and the outside of the sharp to inactivate the viruses.

The study presented in Surgery -the abstract of which is attached - is the first to test the efficacy of the G-VIR(R) in reducing the transmission of the AIDS virus - the studies carried out up to now had assessed the G-VIR(R)'s performance on a number of model viruses, such as BVDV, FIV, and HSV1[2] but never on HIV.

1. Charles E.Edmiston Jr: Evaluation of an antimicrobial surgical glove to inactivate live human immunodeficiency following simulated glove puncture, Surgery 2013; 153:225-332.

2. Bovine Virus Diarrhoea Virus, feline immunodeficiency virus, herpes simplex virus type 1


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