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Message from Graça Machel, Founder, Graça Machel Trust on the occasion of International Women's Day


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 8 March 2013 / PRNewswire Africa / - Today I honour the women in my life. I am surrounded by amazing and talented women who are helping me reach my potential.

I belong to a generation that has a deep knowledge and understanding of who we are and where came from. And I must begin to pay back the remarkable women who sacrificed what little they had so that all women could have more.

Let me start by acknowledging the women of this region. The women who brought down apartheid, the women who helped their families survive floods, drought, war and famine.

My generation has seen many ?firsts??the first women in their families to go to college, the first to start a business, the first to vote and the first to lead a country.

While there are still many ?firsts? that need to come?I am very interested in the fifth woman, the tenth and the one millionth woman.

When it is no longer ground-breaking for a woman to open a bank account or to run a bank?for me, that will be the sign that women are starting to reach their full potential.

It is why the Graça Machel Trust is working to bring women together across Africa and around the world. We support organizations and build networks to help women and girls reach their goals.

On this International Women's Day, my mind and heart are clear, when we speak together?our voices resonate further. When we stand together?change has a better chance of taking root. And when we dream together?I guarantee the possibilities are endless.

SOURCE : United Nations Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)


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