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Anglo American Believes Long-term Thinking is Critical to Sustainable Development


LONDON, April 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Anglo American will launch its Sustainable Development Report 2012, "Creating Value with the Future in Mind", at today's annual general meeting in London. The report details Anglo American's sustainable development performance for 2012, highlighting how long-term thinking helps to generate wealth, mitigate environmental harm, combat poverty and promote development in the communities in which we operate.

Sir John Parker, Chairman of Anglo American, commented: "Our Sustainable Development Report demonstrates our commitment to continue delivering value to all of Anglo American's stakeholders. Through leveraging our supply chains, nurturing entrepreneurship, developing talent and capacity in and around operations, we help to create healthier and better educated communities, foster local economies and work to eliminate, minimise or mitigate any disturbance from our mining activities.

"Anglo American's large footprint in the developing world means that our capacity to contribute to the social and economic development of vulnerable communities, beyond mining, is significant and the sustainability of our business is inextricably linked to the sustainable development of the communities around our operations. To be able to make meaningful change, businesses have to be prepared to engage, and understand what really matters to the people living near our operations.

"The role of big business in society has rarely been under such close scrutiny, and some of the concerns that people have stem from a lack of trust. To combat this, I believe we should play our part, along with other businesses, in formulating a 'social compact' that encourages greater transparency and accountability, better governance and a shared understanding of the role and value of business to society."

- Engaging with communities: Anglo American's ability to create a  sustainable business is inextricably linked to its relationship with stakeholders - particularly the employees and communities around operations. In 2012, new partnerships were initiated with NGOs and local governments in Brazil and South Africa to help improve the delivery of municipal services to citizens. Globally, enterprise  development initiatives in Chile, Brazil and South Africa continue to deliver outstanding results - nearly 65,000 jobs have been created and more than 40,000 businesses supported. Around half of these businesses are run by women or young people in rural areas.

- Securing water and adapting to climate change: With more than 80% of Anglo American's operations and future projects in water-stressed areas, securing access to  water is a priority. Last year saw the roll out of our new water target-setting tool - WETT - and an energy management tool - ECO2MAN - which have already begun to deliver results. Investment in 60 water-saving projects also achieved a saving of 6.8% against projected water use. We are finding new ways to reduce our energy usage, working with  experts to understand the implications of climate change in our key locations, and investing in innovative technologies to cut carbon emissions.

- Reaching Zero Harm: Ensuring the safety of Anglo American employees is the company's first priority. As well as addressing the underlying processes and standards critical for improving safety performance, in 2012 Anglo American hosted its first Global Safety Day for employees to ensure every employee understands their contribution to safety. Increasingly Anglo American is addressing the safety, health  and well-being of its people together, to create a workplace that strives to deliver zero harm. Occupational health is now embedded in operational management, in the same way as safety.

- Health: Anglo American's work to tackle HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis (TB), particularly in southern Africa continued in 2012, with 95,000 people tested for HIV and anti-retroviral drugs provided to more than 5,000 employees. In 2012, 25% fewer new HIV infections were recorded, and an increasing proportion (45%) of estimated HIV  positive employees are receiving treatment.

In 2012, Anglo American achieved the highest score in the mining industry in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and was commended by the Carbon Disclosure Project and entered the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index for carbon disclosure information and actions to reduce carbon emissions. Anglo American was also among 30 leading UK companies, and the only mining group, to secure platinum status in the Business in the Community's (BITC) Corporate Responsibility Index in 2012 and 2013. The BITC Corporate Responsibility Index is the UK's leading voluntary benchmark of corporate responsibility.

To access the Sustainable Development Report 2012 in full, please visit our new reporting centre:

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Notes to editors:

Anglo American is one of the world's largest mining companies, is headquartered in the UK and listed on the London and Johannesburg stock exchanges. Anglo American's portfolio of mining businesses spans bulk commodities - iron ore and manganese, metallurgical coal and thermal coal; base metals - copper and nickel; and precious metals and minerals - in which it is a global leader in both platinum and diamonds. Anglo American is committed to the highest standards of safety and responsibility across all its businesses and geographies and to making a sustainable difference in the development of the communities around its operations. The company's mining operations, extensive pipeline of growth projects and exploration activities span southern Africa, South America, Australia, North America, Asia and Europe.

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