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HarborPath Receives $250,000 Elton John AIDS Foundation Grant to Support Program Expansion


COLUMBIA, S.C., May 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- HarborPath, an organization which provides a single point of access to HIV/AIDS medications through patient assistance programs, has been awarded a $250,000 grant from the Elton John AIDS Foundation. The grant funding will be used to expand HarborPath's services and help more uninsured individuals living with HIV/AIDS gain access to their life-saving medications at no cost. This is the first time the Elton John AIDS Foundation has honored HarborPath as a grant recipient.    

"This grant from the Elton John AIDS Foundation is transformative for HarborPath, and will allow us to quickly help more uninsured individuals by expanding our geographic reach into more clinics in more states," said Ken Trogdon, Jr., President of HarborPath. "As a relatively new organization in our first year of operation, being recognized with a grant of this nature is a tremendous honor which confirms the value of the work we are doing to help uninsured individuals living with HIV/AIDS access the medications they need."  

The grant funding will also be used to enhance the HarborPath online portal to encourage more clinics and states to participate in the program, as well as to employ staff in the field to assist with outreach to clinics, and work with patient advocacy organizations that serve individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

"For over two decades, the Elton John AIDS Foundation has awarded grants to those organizations that have made significant contributions to help individuals living with HIV/AIDS, and we are pleased to welcome HarborPath as a 2013 grant recipient," said Scott P. Campbell, Executive Director, Elton John AIDS Foundation. "Together, we can offer access to programs that help with treatment and improve quality of life, and educate to prevent further transmission of the virus. We look forward to working with HarborPath and the contribution our partnership will have on the lives of uninsured individuals."

HarborPath provides a streamlined process for healthcare professionals and case managers to connect individuals living with HIV/AIDS to multiple patient assistance programs of participating companies using the common application form through the HarborPath online portal. The donated medications are delivered at no cost to qualified individuals through HarborPath's contracted mail-order pharmacy.

HarborPath is supported by Gilead Sciences, Merck and ViiV Healthcare.

About HarborPath

HarborPath is a 501(c) (3) organization whose mission is to provide streamlined access to HIV/AIDS medications through patient assistance programs via an online portal. For more information, visit

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