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AIDS and Development: An Agenda for the Future


United Nations, Jun 12 2013 (IPS) - AIDS has been a global issue for the longest time because of its pervasive effect towards all demographics throughout the world. The central questions of handling the AIDS epidemic would be:  how the international community can create an AIDS-free generation and its current problems preventing such generation from existing in the future.

At the United Nations headquarters in New York, NY, there was an important discussion hosted Tuesday  by a panel. The title: “AIDS and Development: Accountability and Results for 2015 and Beyond”. The panel consisted of the Special Envoy on HIV/AIDS, the Permanent Missions of Norway and Botswana, and the Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS.

The discussion on HIV/AIDS included the progress made towards the elimination of HIV and the current problems confronting the global community achieving the goal of an AIDS free generation in the future. Norway insisted that public health is the key to sustainable development in all societies throughout the globe.

The consensus of the panellists is that aid towards impoverished peoples with HIV/AIDS is imperative, solely science is not sufficient to the abolishment of HIV/AIDS and human rights must be protected in order to eliminate the virus.

One of the key methods, as discussed by the panel, to eliminate HIV/AIDS in the future is to educate the youth about healthy lifestyles and ensuring that all demographics receive information and aid. “The main issue is that people need to get information, people need to make an informed decision when and if they are getting into treatment, and that’s an individual decision…” Mary Anne Torres, a representative of the Civil Society Working Group, told IPS she was responding to the dangers facing modern youth when using contraception.

“A lot of young people either are too shy about sex, too inexperienced or they’re too anxious to have sex, and they’re too vulnerable. This is boys and girls… I want them to know the consequences of getting AIDS and STD’s” Jacqueline Spann, President and Founder of Education and Literacy Fund for Africa, told IPS.  The panel agreed that AIDS is still a prominent issue; however the elimination of the disease is not impossible.


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