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Lifeline Program(R) Celebrates 20 Years in Life Insurance


ATLANTA - The Lifeline Program(R) this month celebrates 20 years in the life insurance settlement industry as it embarks an aggressive new emphasis on the proper aggregation of custom life settlement portfolios for major financial institutions and hedge funds. The Lifeline Program is one of the oldest and most respected life settlement providers in the country, having helped found and shape the industry for two decades.

Started by its president and CEO Wm. Scott Page in Cleveland Ohio, The Lifeline Program began with the goal of helping financially devastated HIV and AIDS patients. The first transactions, called viatical settlements, were brokered by Page between terminally ill policy holders and individual investors. The company has grown significantly since then, and Page has appeared in numerous national television, newspaper and magazine stories, bringing nationwide exposure and credibility to the industry.

"We have been fortunate to see the industry grow from a small number of policy sales into a major player in the world financial markets," said Page. "We credit our 20 years of success to our ability to adapt to the ever-changing landscape, create consumer awareness and provide secure investment opportunities with honesty and integrity."

Page was a founding member of the first industry trade association and served as a three-term president, helping lead the industry shift from buying policies from terminally ill patients to negotiating the purchase of policies that are owned by high net-worth seniors. He was also at the forefront as the industry moved from individual investors to institutional capital, and he witnessed and addressed the industry's growing pains firsthand.

The company has exhibited significant growth which Page credits to the ongoing marketing efforts led by company vice president Stephen Terrell, who has managed marketing and publicity since joining Page as the company's first employee in 1989. Terrell's accomplishments range from designing eye-catching advertising to forging partnerships with key broker-dealers. Going mainstream, he signed television legend Betty White for educational videos and print advertisements.

"We've been fortunate because we've been able to move nimbly as the marketplace has changed," said Terrell. "We always try to bring sophisticated marketing and management techniques to the business, and it has paid off in our ability to work with larger organizations as the industry has grown."

Today, The Lifeline Program has a new focus on life settlement portfolio aggregation, which represents the hottest trend in life insurance settlement investing and has become the quickest and most efficient way for capital to enter the life settlement market. Executives at The Lifeline Program are seeing an unprecedented amount of capital coming into the industry, but many of the existing portfolios for sale do not live up to the expectations of today's stringent investment demands.

According to Page, the company is currently seeking institutional investors and fund managers in hopes of creating additional profit partnerships with The Lifeline Program. Page states that the company's objective is to aggregate and purchase portfolios that include A+/AAA rated personal life insurance policies directly from consumers and to bundle the policies into top rated portfolios. These portfolios may be held by the investors, providing stable, uncorrelated returns, or they may be resold as existing pools. Such arrangements will include a post-sale servicing contract to manage premium payments, insured tracking and death benefit collections.

The Lifeline Program, based in Atlanta, Ga., is a division of Wm. Page & Associates, Inc. Founded in 1989, the company offers alternative investment opportunities for financial institutions, partners with insurance agencies and broker dealers to establish life settlement business lines and assists seniors with retirement planning options. For more information on life settlements, contact Wm. Scott Page of The Lifeline Program at 770-724-7300 or visit


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