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What is the benefit of the HIV/AIDS organisations in Uganda?


Face HIV with Dr. Watiti

Dear Doctor,

I am living with HIV. AIDS organisations, receive funding to cater for HIV/AIDS programmes like treatment and sensitisation of the public, however, I do not see any. Do these organisations realise the goals and aims for which they are set-up or are they just conduits for siphoning money?


Dear Olivia,

HIV/AIDS care is multifaceted and requires people with different skills for better management. The rise of many AIDS services organisation came as a response to the unique needs of people living with HIV/AIDS. Some of these needs cannot be addressed by clinics or hospitals alone.

Many of these organisations are community based and even run by People living with AIDS themselves. They should be supported by all of us and their work audited to see to it that they do what is spelt out in their constitutions.

Since you are a People living with AIDS yourself, try to get involved instead of staying outside and looking for faults in these organisations.

The only way we are going to overcome HIV/AIDS and its effects is by being at the fore front of the fight. This is what the principle of "Greater and meaningful involvement by people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS,"is intended for.

HIV-positive people need more than treatment but also guidance and counselling. By involving yourself, you will help one who is a victim because of rape, another who was born with the disease and another whose spouse was unfaithful.

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