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Holiday rush for Medical Male Circumcision (MMC): South Africa


Young men have been flocking to Gola Monna Clinic in Tshepong since the start of the school holidays, requesting circumcisions.

When Health MEC Magome Masike opened the clinic four months ago he set the clinic a target of 70 000 circumcisions per annum.

Katlego Masonoke, who is in charge of the clinic's circumcision programme said most of the young men were arriving now because they have been targeted for health talks which share the benefits of medical male circumcision.

Tshwarelo Paulus, from Extension 22 in Jouberton underwent his procedure earlier this month. "It was quick and simple and not really painful. Before I could become fearful it was done. I am glad I did it and encourage others to get circumcised," he said.

Parents and partners who accompany the men and boys to the clinic are also offered free HIV counseling and testing while waiting.

"We emphasise to each of our patient that circumcision does not provide 100% protection and that they should continue to use condoms," said Masonoke.

The clinic is open from Monday to Friday from 8am until 4pm for the actual procedures, but is also open on Saturdays and Sundays for bookings.

Since the clinic opened nine months ago, it has completed 3 800 circumcisions.

Men and boys are also offered HIV tests and are screened for TB and other sexually transmitted diseases.


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