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Spanish hospital to compensate former police officer for misdiagnosis


BARCELONA, Spain, Oct. 9 (UPI) -- A Spanish hospital has been ordered to pay $60,200 to a former police officer it had mistakenly diagnosed as having HIV, officials say.

The officer became depressed and quit his job after he was told he had only three years to live, ThinkSpain reported Tuesday.

The misdiagnosis occurred in 2001 when officer Juan Carlos Soriano was given a blood test at the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona as part of a routine treatment for psoriasis.

After an analysis of his blood, hospital staff told Soriano he had an advanced case of human immunodeficiency virus, which causes AIDS, and that he could not expect to live more than three years.

He developed depression, which affected his health and his ability to hold a job, said Soriano's attorney, Matilde Barrabes.

Soriano had another blood test in 2005 at another Barcelona hospital in the continuing treatment of his psoriasis. That test revealed he did not have HIV.

An ombudsman ordered the Municipal Medical Assistance Institute to compensate Soriano.


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