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Mom seeks changes after toddler plays with dirty needles in Saskatchewan ER


(UPI) -- Petrina Kuzyk is concerned after her 19-month-old daughter Janaeya put her hands in a garbage pail in the emergency room at a Saskatchewan hospital and got stuck with a dirty needle.

Kuzyk was speaking to a nurse about one of her other children when she heard Janaeya shriek after sticking her hand into a pail which was on the bottom of a cart. Janaeya pulled out her hand to reveal a dirty needle.

"I grabbed it and threw it in the pail, and immediately took her to the sink and was washing her hands," Kuzyk said.

The nurse had no explanation why the needles were in the garbage.

"She kept saying how much it was bothering her and she didn't understand and didn't know why that pail was there,” Petrina said.

Janaeya was immediately given the first of several Hepatitis B shots and was started on a month-long course of drugs to prevent infections including HIV. "I think the chances are slim," Petrina said. "But until I have that confirmation that she doesn't have anything, then I'm very worried. Because there's always that chance."

"It's just something that could have been prevented. My daughter shouldn't have to suffer, even for a month, because of somebody else's ignorance and laziness, as far as I'm concerned."

According to Petrina, the family is considering a lawsuit.

"I'm upset it happened. I'm sure they are too. And my husband and I both feel somebody needs to be held accountable and those pails should just never, ever be used for sharps, ever again."


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