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South Africa's winning war on AIDS


The DA welcomes the decrease in HIV infections among children ("HIV infection rate in children plummets, yesterday).

This can be accredited to a strong HIV/Aids campaign, and I commend Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi for driving this issue so aggressively.

I also want to salute the Western Cape government, which has worked tirelessly and has an antenatal HIV prevalence rate of 18.5%, in comparison with the 30.2% national average. To further tackle HIV, the Western Cape increased its ARV provision from 14370 to 132279, and brought down the mother-to-child HIV transmission rate to 1.8%, the lowest rate in the country.

This proves that, when health departments have robust programmes in place, progressive results are most certainly possible.

Great strides have been made in South Africa to combat HIV, but we still have a long way to go.

It is my hope that we will all continue to campaign proactively so we may eradicate this disease.


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