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CDC HIV/AIDS/Viral Hepatitis/STD/TB Prevention News Update
AIDS in the Comics
McLaughlin, Ann
December 9, 1991
MacLean's (12/09/91) Vol. 104, No. 49, P. 46

A comic book designed to create awareness of AIDS among Montreal street youth has been discontinued. The 28-page comic book was developed by a group at the Montreal General Hospital and was funded by a $41,002 federal grant. However, "Tete a queue" ("Head to Tail," French slang for penis) was suspended for its sexual explicitness that many adversaries felt was offensive. Deborah Bonney, a spokeswoman for the hospital's department of community health said, "...we have recognized that it's not easy to send a public-health message to this target group. So we didn't mince our words." Critics say that the book is pornographic. Jean Dufresne, a columnist with the daily tabloid Le Journal de Montreal, said, "I am not criticizing the concept of having such a comic book, but the style and language used is an insult to Quebec youth." The book is a satirical story about two teenagers who discover if they use a condom they can "make love to the max."