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White House to Rein in NIH
Crewdson, John
June 3, 1992
Chicago Tribune (06/03/92), P. 1-5

The Bush administration is expected to reveal this week a major reorganization of the government group that investigates fraud in scientific research, say inside sources. The action will eliminate any investigative responsibility the National Institutes of Health had involving "scientific misconduct" by researchers, including its own. Sources said the NIH's Office of Scientific Integrity, which currently has that authority, would be taken over by the Office of Research Integrity, a new agency within the Department of Health and Human Services. One NIH source said a main reason for eliminating the OSI was to "lessen the likelihood that NIH is seen as an agency investigating itself." The reorganization also provides scientists accused of misconduct with the opportunity to have their cases heard in a quasi-judicial setting. The new investigative group will be headed on an interim basis by Dr. J. Michael McGinnis, currently deputy assistant HHS secretary for health.