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CDC HIV/AIDS/Viral Hepatitis/STD/TB Prevention News Update
Schools Go Mum About AIDS Cases
Carlstone, Linda Mae
June 8, 1992
Chicago Tribune (06/08/92), P. 1-7

The Illinois State Board of Education has forbidden any form of disclosure regarding students with AIDS, such as sending a note home alerting parents that another student is HIV-positive or has AIDS. The board says that AIDS is too prevalent to focus on any one case. In 1987, Wilmette School District 39 had sent a note home warning parents of a Central School student with AIDS. Now, said Superintendent William Gussner, "We would probably handle it no differently than we would if a child had a disease like leukemia." He added that it would be handled case by case. The number of children with AIDS has increased steadily. There were 11 reported AIDS cases among children under age 13 in May 1987, said a monthly surveillance compiled by the Illinois Department of Public Health. However, this past May the number of AIDS cases reported for children under age 13 reached 107. In 1988, when the department first included in its report those who were HIV-positive, there were 35 cases reported for children under 13, now there are 254.