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Battle on AIDS Lessons Deadlocks School Board
Dao, James
June 20, 1992
New York Times (06/20/92), P. 27

A New York City Board of Education meeting intended to resolve the dispute over AIDS education in elementary schools ended early on Friday in finger pointing, shouting, and chaos. The board's inability to compromise on how to educate children in kindergarten through sixth grade about condom use and anal intercourse emphasized the strong convictions of the members and the Schools Chancellor. The early morning meeting was scheduled to resolve some "minor differences' among board members and enable the board to approve the AIDS curriculum proposed by Chancellor Joseph A. Fernandez. The board is expected to vote on the curriculum this week. However, a continued deadlock could postpone the school board's plan to introduce the new curriculum in September. The proposed curriculum requires students, starting in the fourth grade, to be educated about condoms as a way to prevent HIV infection. Board President H. Carl McCall suddenly ended the meeting after approximately two hours of discussion when Dr. Irene Impellizzeri, a leading adversary of the curriculum, proposed an amendment that would prevent teachers from discussing condoms until the seventh grade. McCall said he adjourned the meeting because many of the board members had left and there were not enough individuals left in the room to vote on the amendment.