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CDC HIV/AIDS/Viral Hepatitis/STD/TB Prevention News Update
Impact of Case MAnagement on Hospital Charges of PWAs in Georgia
Sowell, Richard L. et al.
April 6, 1992
Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (04-06/92) ..Vol. 3,

AIDS patients who are involved in a case management approach while hospitalized may live longer, write Richard L. Sowell et al. of the Medical College of Georgia, in Athens, Ga. A retrospective study was conducted among 150 records of men who died of AIDS to determine the effects of case management in controlling hospital based costs for persons with AIDS. The study compared diagnosis-to-death hospital charges for AIDS patients who received care under a care management model with AIDS patients receiving care within a non-case managed approach. AIDS patients who were cared for under the case managed model had substantially lower hospital-based expenses than the non-case managed group. Also, AIDS patients in the case managed group lived notably longer between HIV diagnosis and death, and lived longer between their first AIDS-related hospital admission and death. Factors that may have contributed to the difference in diagnosis-to-death charges included race, history of IV drug use, excessive use of alcohol, number of AIDS-related illnesses developed, type of illnesses developed, and AZT treatment. Case management approaches employ community-based out-of-hospital support systems for AIDS patients. In addition, this system encourages the use of relevant and cost-effective interventions thus conserving limited health-care resources.