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CDC HIV/AIDS/Viral Hepatitis/STD/TB Prevention News Update
British AIDS Patient Responds Positively to Counselling

July 1, 1992
United Press International (07/01/92)

London--Health officials in Birmingham, England, announced that a man who infected several women with HIV has demonstrated a "positive" response to counselling. The man was discovered last week to have had unprotected sex with several women while knowing he was HIV-positive. The case incited nationwide controversy among health officials, legal experts, and politicians over the ethics of the case. Last week, health authorities contemplated applying for a court order to have the man confined under public health legislation. But officials conceded they had no legal authority to force the man to curb his sexual activity. Health officials decided late last week that the man, a hemophiliac who contracted HIV via contaminated blood, had not intentionally transmitted the disease to his sexual partners, claiming his acts were motivated by "regrettable irresponsibility." The South Birmingham Health Authority said that no additional legal action would be taken against the man. "The view was taken by the panel that the considerable publicity given to the case over the past week, and the further counselling which has been given provide grounds for cautious optimism that the man will behave in a more responsible manner in the future," said the authority.