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CDC HIV/AIDS/Viral Hepatitis/STD/TB Prevention News Update
(ADS) The Prevention Game

March 25, 1993
Science (03/12/93) Vol. 259, No. 5101, P. 1537 (Flam, Faye)

A new HIV/AIDS educational game has been developed specifically for classroom use. "AIDS Is No Game" teaches teenagers about HIV and AIDS by asking questions like, "Can HIV be spread by sharing eye make-up?" or "A drop below what number of T-4 helper cells usually marks the early stages of AIDS?" The game separates the class into two teams, which are then questioned about AIDS research, medicine, prevention strategies, and social issues. The game is designed and marketed by Programming Concepts Inc. of San Antonio, Texas. The "AIDS is No Game" features buttons with pictures of HIV, an "Epidemic Watch" poster that lets students follow track the spread of HIV throughout the United States, dice playing cards, and pre- and post-game tests. The game, which costs $300, is being promoted as an "educational vaccine," on the basis that education is the best means to avoid HIV infection.