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Gilead Sciences Begins Human Clinical Trials of Oral GS 840

March 9, 1994
Business Wire (03/04/94)

Foster City, Calif.--Gilead Sciences Inc. has begun Phase I human clinical testing to determine the safety, tolerance, and pharmacokinetics of its prodrug GS 840 in HIV patients. A prodrug is a modified version of a parent compound, designed to enhance the compound's delivery properties and convert to the parent compound once inside the body. GS 840 is a prodrug of Gilead's GS 393 compound, which is currently in ongoing Phase I/II clinical studies for HIV treatment. Preliminary findings from these trials indicate that administration of GS 393 is associated with reduced p24 antigenemia and transient increases in CD4 counts in selected AIDS patients. In addition, Gilead has two other products in human clinical trials. GS 504 is in Phase II/III pivotal trials for the potential treatment of peripheral retinitis caused by cytomegalovirus, a disease that can lead to loss of vision in AIDS patients. A topical formulation of GS 504 is being evaluated in Phase I/II studies as a potential treatment for herpes simplex virus infection.