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Hemet Schools Scrap Classes in Sex Education
Gorman, Tom
March 10, 1995
Los Angeles Times--Washington Edition (03/09/95) P. B1

Due to a costly lawsuit challenging the use of a sex education curriculum that advocates abstinence and avoids mention of contraception, trustees of California's Hemet Unified School District have opted to eliminate the program. On Tuesday, the school board voted 4-to-3 to teach only the state-mandated AIDS health education. The board said it would rather offer no sex education to seventh- and ninth-graders than offer a program that involves discussions of contraception. The district was sued in October by parents who said three programs--"Sex Respect," "Teen-Aid," and "Choosing the Best"-- violated state curriculum guidelines. They also claimed that the programs were distorted and contained misinformation and inaccuracies. The lawsuit was supported by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the civil liberties advocacy group People for the American Way. Although sex education is not mandatory in California, most school districts offer it in some form, and most include some discussion of contraception.