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Peter Jennings Gets Angry
Doppelt, Steve
June 7, 1995
POZ (04/95-05/95) No. 7, P. 62

In an interview with POZ magazine's Steve Doppelt, ABC's Peter Jennings explains why, according to Daniel Wolf of the Gay Men's Health Crisis, he is the "most visible newscaster" on AIDS. Jennings says he has many friends with AIDS or HIV. But when he was selected to host the "AIDS Quarterly," a series of AIDS specials on PBS, it was a fairly new subject to cover. The people on the program "really exposed me to a failing in [the media's] coverage," Jennings explains. He believes that the media has contributed to the some of the fear and resentment that people in the AIDS community experience. Still, he does not consider himself courageous for devoting so much time to AIDS because he learned early "that any disease in the country is a disease affecting all of us."