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Outcome of Patients with HIV Infection and Decreased
Bedos, Jean-Pierre
June 20, 1995
Journal of the American Medical Association (06/14/95) Vol.

In response to a letter to the editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association, Jean-Pierre Bedos asserts that "neurological failure" is the correct term for his study, which involved HIV-infected patients treated in an intensive care unit (ICU). Although the phrase is imprecise and simplistic in a diagnostic setting, Bedos believes that his inclusion criteria were logical and well-suited to the patients in whom altered consciousness and convulsions were the two primary neurological reasons for hospital admission. Patients with isolated neurological disorders--such as aphasia, hemiparesis, and hemianopsia--who were not part of the group of patients admitted to the ICU with altered consciousness were not the focus of the study. Bedos concludes that, while nonspecific, the term "neurological failure" can be appropriate inclusion criterion for prognostic studies of HIV-positive patients admitted to ICUs.