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CDC HIV/AIDS/Viral Hepatitis/STD/TB Prevention News Update
PROGRESS REPORT: Implementation of Advisory Council

July 15, 1996
Recommendations, Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS

The Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS released a PROGRESS REPORT: Implementation of Advisory Council Recommendations on July 8, 1996, in order to highlight the continuing interchange between President Clinton and his Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. The report includes the Council's recommendations to the Administration, the Administration's responses, and the Council's evaluation of these responses. The Council's purpose has been to advise the President on what his Administration can and should do to stop the spread of the epidemic, to find a cure and vaccine for HIV, to provide the best possible treatment and care to those who are infected, and to end HIV-related discrimination and intolerance. The Council has developed recommendations in five subject areas: Presidential leadership, research, prevention, services, and discrimination. The report contains their first two sets of recommendations (issued in July and December of 1995), the Administration's action in response to each recommendation, their evaluation of this response, and their proposed follow up. It also includes their third set of recommendations, made in April 1996. To order a copy of the report, call the CDC National AIDS Clearinghouse at 1-800-458- 5231 or view it online on the CDC NAC web site at

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