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U.N. Report Says Tens of Millions Use Drugs
Wren, Christopher S.
June 26, 1997
New York Times (06/26/97) P. A12

A new report from the United Nations International Drug Control Program shows that almost 2.5 percent of the world's population--about 140 million individuals--smoke marijuana and hashish. Some 13 million use cocaine, while 8 million use heroin and 30 million take amphetamine-type stimulants. The World Drug Report, which reveals that illegal drugs produce up to $400 million each year in revenue, notes that nations working to fight the drug problem alone will find it difficult to thwart the expert international criminal organizations. Giorgio Giacomelli, head of the U.N. International Drug Program, said, "The problem has assumed such a global nature that it cannot be dealt with by individual countries." The report also noted that the laundering of drug-related profits can endanger legal businesses.