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CDC HIV/AIDS/Viral Hepatitis/STD/TB Prevention News Update
Female Condoms Well Accepted by Sex Workers in Costa Rica

April 29, 1998
Reuters Health Information Services (04/28/98)

Researchers at Family Health International in North Carolina report that the female condom was well accepted by female sex workers and clients in a short-term study in Costa Rica. Dr. Paul J. Feldblum and colleagues--who provided 51 sex workers in San Jose, Costa Rica, with female condoms for a two-week period--found that 51 percent liked the device very much, 45 percent liked it somewhat, and 4 percent did not use the condom. Furthermore, 67 percent of the workers liked the female condom more than the male condom and 20 percent said their clients liked it very much. The research group predicted that the female condom will not replace the male condom, but that it will be an additional product to help reduce unprotected sex and will appeal to women at high risk of infection with sexually transmitted diseases who cannot consistently succeed in male condom use.