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CDC HIV/AIDS/Viral Hepatitis/STD/TB Prevention News Update
Correction: Prevalence of HIV Infection and HIV Risk Behaviors
Smereck, Geoffrey A.; Hockman, Elaine M.
June 9, 1998
American Journal of Drug Addiction and Violence Online (05/98)

Researchers in Michigan surveyed out-of-treatment drug injectors and crack cocaine users in the National Institute on Drug Abuse Cooperative Agreement project to determine the prevalence of HIV infection. Overall, they found an 11.2 percent HIV-positive rate, with a 19 percent prevalence among on-the-street (OTS) homeless. The HIV infection rate among OTS homeless Hispanic males was 29 percent and 32 percent among OTS homeless Hispanic females. OTS homeless African- American females had a 38 percent positive rate. The authors concluded that the use of drug paraphernalia following use by an HIV-infected person, crack-cocaine use, and the frequency of drug injection were strong predictors of HIV incidence. According to the researchers, the findings show that shelter dwelling and OTS homelessness should not be considered equivalent when assessing AIDS patterns. They also suggest that targeted public health interventions be aimed at on-the- street homeless.