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Diagnosis, Prediction, and Natural Course of HIV-1 Protease-
Carr, Andrew; Samaras, Katherine; Thorisdottir, Anna; et al.
June 22, 1999
Lancet (06/19/99) Vol. 353, No. 9170, P. 2093

Australian researchers investigated the natural course of lipodystrophy associated with long-term therapy for HIV-1 infection that includes a protease inhibitor. The condition was measured by questionnaire, physical exams, and dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry. The study, which involved 113 patients who were taking HIV-1 protease inhibitors and 45 HIV-1 patients never treated with a protease inhibitor, found a 98 percent concordance between patients' reports of the presence or absence of lipodystrophy and physical exam. According to the researchers, weight prior to therapy, fasting triglyceride, and C-peptide concentrations early in treatment, and therapy length appear to be predictors of the severity of lipodystrophy. While the condition was common and progressive following nearly two years of treatment with protease inhibitors, it was not generally severe. Other common conditions were hyperlipidemia and impaired glucose tolerance.