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CDC HIV/AIDS/Viral Hepatitis/STD/TB Prevention News Update
No TB Outbreak in Prisons, Says State Health Division Chief
Altonn, Helen
July 21, 1999
Honolulu Star-Bulletin Online (07/21/99)

Officials from Hawaii's Health Department say the state's prisons have not had a tuberculosis outbreak. Authorities at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reportedly became concerned over the situation in Hawaii's prisons after learning of reports that several hundred inmates in the state were infected with TB. State officials say only four cases of infectious TB have been identified since the beginning of 1999. The cases were identified in Halawa and Oahu. While the first case was diagnosed in a federal prisoner after he was transferred to California, the remaining three cases were in two inmates and one employee. Between the Halawa and Oahu correctional facilities, close to 400 inmates have tested positive for TB in skin tests. However, officials stress that the skin-test only indicates past exposure to the bacteria, and follow up x-rays will be completed this week to determine how many inmates have active TB.