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AIDS Doc Widow to Carry on His Work

September 19, 2001
Daily Record (United Kingdom) (09.14.01) - Wednesday,

The widow of AIDS patient Dr. Sandy Logie will continue his anti-poverty and AIDS work in Africa. Dr. Logie, 62, died seven months ago after being infected with HIV when a needle used on a dying patient jabbed his finger.

His widow, Dr. Dorothy Logie, said recently that she intends to help carry out her husband's work in Zambia. "AIDS is a symptom of what is happening in Africa and the epidemic is being largely driven by poverty. It was poverty-related issues that Sandy and I were interested in looking at in the beginning. It was only after he became infected that we focused our attention on AIDS," she said.

Dr. Logie and friends have raised almost 10,000 pounds ($15,000) for a memorial fund for her husband, which has gone to the St. Francis Hospital in Zambia.