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Condom Dispensers Save Face

September 24, 2001
South China Morning Post (09.22.01) - Monday, September 24,

Residents of the Chinese capital's high-tech and university quarter will have a new way to buy condoms next month when the district installs 500 condom vending machines to promote birth control and safer sex. Beijing's Haidian district and the Beijing Ai Lun Si pharmaceutical company will install 70 machines in hotels, 100 in public toilets and the rest in public venues. About 100 machines, including one at the Tsinghua University gate, are already working.

The wall-mounted dispensers are about the size of small mailboxes and sell Strong Man brand condoms. Haidian officials decided to set up the machines after district leaders agreed they would promote birth control according to the one-child policy and help prevent the spread of STDs. Noting that condom machines were common overseas, the Beijing Youth Daily said the dispensers in hotels were for Chinese people from outside Beijing. Many government-owned companies give their employees condoms to promote birth control. Most socially traditional Chinese prefer that others not see them buying sex-related products, said Zhao Jiankun, a student who went on national TV last month to promote vending machines on university campuses.