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New AIDS Chief Appointed at WHO
Jonathan Fowler
July 22, 2003
Associated Press (07.21.03) - Tuesday, July 22, 2003

World Health Organization Director-General Dr. Jong-wook Lee said Monday he had picked Dr. Jack Chow, a senior advisor to US Secretary of State Colin Powell, to head a new WHO department intended to fine-tune the agency's battle against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Chow, 42, currently serves as US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Health. In 2002, he was appointed as Powell's special diplomatic representative on AIDS issues, the first time US authorities created an ambassador-rank post covering health matters.

Chow, who said he expects to formally join WHO in the fall, took the agency's oath of office alongside 10 other new assistant directors-general appointed by Lee. "The United States considers [AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria] as global health priorities," Chow said after the ceremony. "Once I'm an assistant director- general, I will serve all nations afflicted by these diseases." Chow, originally from New Haven, Conn., earned his medical degree at the University of California-San Francisco. He said his determination to battle AIDS was born during his studies in the 1980s. In addition to his medical qualifications, Chow holds Masters degrees in public administration from Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government and business administration from the University of Chicago.