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AIDS Treatment News
ICC Trials: New Option on Laboratory Tests
John S. James
May 5, 1995
AIDS TREATMENT NEWS #222, May 5, 1995

On April 7 AIDS TREATMENT NEWS reported that some volunteers had had trouble enrolling in ICC 001, the first trial by the Inter-Company Collaboration for AIDS Drug Development, a consortium of 15 major pharmaceutical companies. At some sites, the volunteers may have had to pay for pre-screening blood tests, which required the blood to have been drawn within the last 30 days.

ICC has recently written to the investigators at all of its sites, explaining that it was never the intention to make volunteers pay for blood tests, and providing an additional option for financing these tests. In this new procedure, laboratory specimens are submitted to Roche Biomedical Laboratory (RBL), using requisition forms provided by RBL, and the cost will be billed to the ICC.

There are also funds available to assist in enrolling women, minorities, and indigent patients in these trials, and this money can sometimes be used as an additional option for financing the pre-screening blood tests.