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AIDS Treatment News
AIDS Research Meetings, May 1995 and Later
John S. James
May 5, 1995
AIDS TREATMENT NEWS #222, May 5, 1995

The following list is mainly for conferences and meetings with substantial information about research and development of treatments for AIDS-related conditions. However, we have also included some others which may interest our readers. Because of the many changes in arrangements, we did not list events unless we could contact the organizers to confirm this information.

Please let us know about meetings we missed.

Second Seminar on HIV Infection and AIDS in Cuba. May 3-5, Havana. Contact Cuba Information Project, 212/227-3422, fax 212/227-4859. (Note: Cuba is a leader in biomedical research -- which is not widely known in the U.S., due to political problems.) Rapid Utilization of Natural Products -- Sources for Drug Discovery and Development. May 15-16, San Francisco. Registration: academic $595 conference only, $395 workshop only, $790 for both; commercial 895 conference only, 595 workshop only, 1190 for both. Contact IBC (International Business Communications) USA Conferences, 508/481-6400, fax 508/481-7911.

BIO Ninth International Biotechnology Meeting & Exhibition. May 20-25, San Francisco. Exhibit hall only, $30 member, $60 nonmember; full conference, $875 member, $1395 nonmember. Half-day and one-day rates are also available. Contact BIO Meetings Department, 202/857-0244, fax 202/331-8132.

95th American Society for Microbiology General Meeting. May 21-25, Washington D.C. Registration, $150 member, $225 nonmember. Contact American Society for Microbiology meetings department, 202/942-9248, fax 202/942-9340.

First Annual International Congress on Alternative and Complementary Medicine. May 22-25, Arlington, Virginia. Sponsored by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Nonprofit/student, $545 ($495 before May 12); other $695 ($645 before May 12). Contact BioConferences International, 301/652-3072, fax 301/652-4951.

Clinical Trials: Strategies for the Design and Management of Efficient Studies. May 22-23, McLean, Virginia. Registration: academic until May 19, $350, later $395; commercial until May 19, $679, later $795. Contact Cambridge Healthtech Institute, 617/487-7989, fax 617/487-7937, email, World Wide Web

Cord Blood Stem Cells -- Banking, Expansion & Transplants. May 22-24, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. Sponsored by Tufts University School of Medicine, and Cambridge Healthtech Institute. Registration: academic $395, commercial $795. Note: This conference is sold out; only seats available are in video overflow room, for same price. Contact Cambridge Healthtech Institute, 617/487-7989, fax 617/487-7937, email, World Wide Web

AIDS, Medicine, & Miracles. June 1-4, Rhinebeck, New York. Contact 303/447-8777, 303/447-3902. (Not a research meeting.) HIV Infection of the Brain. June 2-4, Stockholm. Sponsored by the European Community, the Swedish Medical Research Council, the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare, Pharmacia, and the Wellcome Foundation. No registration fee -- but few places are left in this meeting. Contact Dr. Francesca Chiodi, +46 (8) 728 63 15, fax +46 (8) 33 13 99.

NIAID Council: AIDS Research Advisory Committee and Subcommittee of Council. June 6-7, Bethesda, Maryland. Sponsored by the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Contact Anne Claysmith, 301/402-0755.

Core Program on Early Intervention. June 7, Chicago. Contact Midwest AIDS Training Center of the University of Illinois at Chicago, 312/996-1071. (This is a one-day seminar for primary- care physicians.) 5th Annual Canadian Conference on HIV/AIDS Research. June 8- 11, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Registration: member $75, nonmember $125, PWA $25. Contact Ms. Julie Knight, 204/789-3376, fax 204/789-3489, email

Clinical Care Options for HIV. June 8-11, Laguna Niguel, California. Registration $225. until May 24, then $300. Contact, 818/752-9396. Note: This meeting is for front-line primary care physicians.

The Endocrine Society, 77th Annual Meeting. June 14-17, Washington D.C. Registration: member $245, nonmember $390 Contact The Endocrine Society, 301/941-0200, fax 301/941-0259.

Development and Applications of Vaccines and Gene Therapy in AIDS: An International Workshop. June 15-16, Naples. Program directors: Dani Bolognesi, M.D., Gaetano Giraldo, M.D., Marco Salvatore, M.D. Registration: deadline May 1. Contact (phone and fax) 39-81-545-1276.

HIV/AIDS and Chinese Medicine, Third International Conference. June 16-18, New York City. Sponsored by 26 Chinese medicine clinics, colleges, and other sponsors. Contact AIDS and Chinese Medicine Institute, 415/282-4028, 415/282-2935.

International Congress on Drug Therapy in HIV Infection. Had been scheduled for June 19-23, in Bangkok; now changed to March 1996 in Bangkok, and November 1996 in Birmingham. See listings below.

International Conference on New Applications of Emerging Molecular Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases. June 26-27, London. Registration: academic before May 19, $330, later $380; commercial before May 19 $695, later $745. Contact Cambridge Healthtech Institute, 617/487-7989, fax 617/487- 7937, email, World Wide Web

Antiviral Discovery: Response to the Viral Drug Resistance Epidemic. June 27, Philadelphia. (Note: This is a workshop connected to a June 26 antibiotic discovery conference.) Registration: (workshop only): academic $295, commercial $495. For those who cannot attend, the documentation binder is available separately for $$298. Contact IBC (International Business Communications) USA Conferences, 508/481-6400, fax 508/481-7911.

National Task Force on AIDS Drug Development. June 29-30, Rockville, Maryland. This meeting will finalize recommendations to Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala on incentives for private investment in drug development for AIDS and other life-threatening diseases. There will be a public comment period; persons wishing to speak should make advance arrangements. Contact Kimberley M. Miles, FDA Office of AIDS and Special Health Issues, 301/443- 0104.

Clinical Trials -- Re-Engineering Clinical Research to Maximize Economic Efficiencies. July 19-21, Boston. Registration: $1295. Contact IBC (International Business Communications) USA Conferences, Inc., 508/481-6400, fax 508/481-7911.

International Symposium on Clinical Immunology 1995. July 20- 23, San Francisco. Registration: advance, regular $200, trainee $50. Contact registration manager, SLACK, Inc., 609/848-1000. (Note: dates coordinated with 9th International Congress of Immunology, below.) 9th International Congress of Immunology. July 23-29, San Francisco. Sponsor: American Association of Immunologists. Registration: scientist $385, student/post doctoral fellow, $175. Contact 301/530-7010, fax 301/530-7014. (Note: dates coordinated with International Symposium on Clinical Immunology, 1995, above.) Consensus Symposium on Combined Antiviral Therapy. July 25-27, Lisbon. Sponsored by the International Society for Antiviral Research and the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Registration: $200 student/PWA; member ISAR $400 before May 15, then $450; nonmember $450 before May 15, then $500. Contact Macrae Group, 212/988-7732, 212/717- 1222. Note: This conference will be held again in September 1996; exact date not set yet.

USAID Third HIV/AIDS Prevention Conference: Evolving Responses to an Evolving Epidemic. August 7-9, Washington, D.C. Contact Al Nimocks, 703/516-9779, fax 703/516-4489.

NIAID-DAIDS Vaccine Working Group. August 16-17, Bethesda, Maryland. Contact Janice Cordell, 301/402-0846.

Fifth European Conference on Clinical Aspects and Treatment of HIV Infection. September 27-29, Copenhagen. Sponsored by EACS, the European AIDS Clinical Society. Registration fee 2100 - 3500 Danish. Contact International Conference Services, (+45) 3161 2195, fax (+45) 3161 2068. (Note: both phone numbers will change after July 18, due to phone changes in Copenhagen; instead of 3161, use 3961.) 1995 National Skills Building Conference. October 19-22, Los Angeles. Call 202/546-6119 (voicemail) for further information. (Not a research meeting.) AIDS Education: Interventions in Multi-Cultural Societies -- 9th International Conference. November 26 - December 1, Jerusalem. Sponsored by The International Society for AIDS Education. Contact the secretariat, (972 3) 5140014, fax (972 3) 514077.

Infectious Diseases Society of America. September 16-18, San Francisco. Registration: early, member $90, nonmember $110, trainee $40; regular, member $100, nonmember $120, trainee $50; late (final week - at the door) $120. member, $140 nonmember, $70 trainee. (Note: Dates coordinated with ICAAC meeting, below.) ICAAC (The 35th Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy). September 17-20, San Francisco. Registration: $225 member, $290 non-member. Contact American Society for Microbiology meetings department, 202/942-9248, fax 202/942-9340. (Note: Dates coordinated with IDSA meeting, above.) 20th ACTG (AIDS Clinical Trials Group) meeting. December 1-7, Washington D.C. Sponsor, U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Contact Technical Resources Inc., 301/770-0160, fax 301/468-2245.

1996 International Congress on Drug Therapy in HIV Infection. March 18-21, 1996, Bangkok. Registration, $350 U.S. Contact Jane Fensome, Conference Coordinator, (+44) 1625 615325, fax (+44) 1625 616563. (Note: the phone and fax numbers are in the UK.) 9th International Symposium on Infections in the Immunocompromised Host. June 23-26, 1996, Assisi, Italy. Sponsor: Immunocompromised Host Society. Contact Warren C. Snow, 616/329-1288, 616/329-1631.

XI International Conference on AIDS. July 7-12, 1996, Vancouver, British Columbia. Cosponsoring agencies: Canadian Association for HIV Research, Global Network of People Living with HIV, International AIDS Society, International Council of AIDS Service Organizations, World Health Organization. Registrations fees not set yet. Contact the conference secretariat, 604-668-3225, fax 604/668-3242.

International Congress on Drug Therapy in HIV Infection. November 4-7, 1996, Birmingham. Registration #350 (UK). Contact Jane Fensome, Conference Coordinator, (+44) 1625 615325, fax (+44) 1625 616563. (Note: the phone and fax numbers are in the UK.)