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AIDS Treatment News
Internet: Pain Management Information on World Wide Web
John S. James
June 16, 1995
AIDS TREATMENT NEWS Issue #225, June 16, 1995

Educational materials on cancer and AIDS pain management are now available on the World Wide Web ( Materials include newsletters, clinical articles, slides, a schedule of upcoming seminars, and the cancer pain management guidelines from the U.S. Agency for Health Care and Research. [Technical note: At the present time, this World Wide Web site is set up only for a Netscape browser, and only works partially if you use any other kind. In will soon be updated to also work with a Mosaic browser.] This site has been created by Roxane Laboratories, Inc., and the Roxane Pain Institute. Roxane Laboratories, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company which sells a number of brand-name and generic pain-relief drugs.

Comment Pain management information is important because it is widely recognized in mainstream medicine that serious pain is undertreated by physicians, due to lack of education, misunderstood concerns about addiction, reluctance to prescribe controlled substances, and for other reasons. Patients and their advocates can use this information to negotiate with their physicians when necessary for better pain treatment.