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AIDS Treatment News
FDA Warning on Raw Oysters
John S. James
August 18, 1995
AIDS Treatment News #229, August 18, 1995

The FDA has issued a warning that persons with HIV, or with liver disease, or with certain other medical conditions, should avoid eating raw oysters because of the risk of infection with the bacterium Vibrio vulnificus. The risk is especially great in oysters from the Gulf of Mexico, especially during warm months, April to October. Forty percent of infections with Vibrio vulnificus are fatal, often within two days. This bacterium is not a threat to most healthy people.

Because Vibrio vulnificus occurs naturally, not as a result of pollution, eating oysters from reputable sources does not provide protection. Proper cooking completely kills the bacteria and eliminates the risk.

For more information, or copies of a brochure, call the FDA Seafood Hotline, 800/FDA-4010.