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A new sulfated beta-galactan from clams with anti-HIV activity.
Amornrut C; Toida T; Imanari T; Woo ER; Park H; Linhardt R; Wu SJ; Kim
March 30, 2000
Carbohydr Res. 1999 Sep 15;321(1-2):121-7. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

A new polysaccharide composed of galactan sulfate with a beta-(1-->3)-glycosidic linkage has been isolated from the marine clam species Meretrix petechialis. The polysaccharide was homogeneous in its composition containing D-galactose. The glycosidic linkage was examined by 2D DQF-COSY and 2D NOESY spectroscopy. The coupling constant of anomeric proton was 7.8 Hz, suggesting a beta-galacto configuration. The downfield shift of H-2 of galactose residue demonstrated the presence of 2-O-sulfonate group. TQF-COSY confirmed that the C-6 position was substituted with a sulfonate group. The anti-HIV activity of the polysaccharides has been evaluated by the inhibition of syncytia formation. The fusion index and percentage fusion inhibition of sulfated galactan were 0.34 and 56% at 200 micrograms/mL.

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