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Nevirapine/didanosine/lamivudine once daily in HIV-1-infected intravenous drug users.
Staszewski S; Haberl A; Gute P; Nisius G; Miller V; Carlebach A;
June 30, 2000
Antivir Ther. 1998;3 Suppl 4:55-6. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected, active intravenous drug users received once-daily therapy consisting of a combination of didanosine (2',3'-dideoxyinosine or DDI), lamivudine [(-)-beta-L-2',3'-dideoxy-3'-thiacytidine or 3TC] and nevirapine. Preliminary results for the first 24 weeks show that the regimen provides potent immunological and antiviral effects.

CLINICAL TRIAL JOURNAL ARTICLE Adult CD4 Lymphocyte Count Didanosine/*ADMINISTRATION & DOSAGE Drug Therapy, Combination Female Human HIV Infections/COMPLICATIONS/*DRUG THERAPY *HIV-1 Lamivudine/*ADMINISTRATION & DOSAGE Male Methadone/THERAPEUTIC USE Nevirapine/*ADMINISTRATION & DOSAGE Pilot Projects Prospective Studies Substance Abuse, Intravenous/*COMPLICATIONS/DRUG THERAPY Viral Load