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The prevalence of HIV in female sex workers in Manipur, India.
Agarwal AK; Singh GB; Khundom KC; Singh ND; Singh T; Jana S; Manipur
July 30, 2000
J Commun Dis. 1999 Mar;31(1):23-8. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

Data on STDs and sexual practices in commercial sex workers (CSWs) is in general limited in India. Manipur in north-east Indian has a high prevalence of HIV in injecting drug users but the rate in CSWs is not known. The site selected for the study was Moreh, on the Myanmar border of Manipur. One hundred blood samples were collected, 7 from migrants from Myanmar, the remainder from Manipuri women. The HIV seropositivity rate was 12% (95% CI = 5.6-18.4). The age of the women ranged from 15 to 42 (mean = 24.5 years, median 23.7 years). The proportion of HIV positives increased significantly with number of customers per day and number of years in the profession. The HIV prevalence among Injecting drug using CSWs was 9.4 times higher that among non-IDU CSWs. Vaginal discharge was strongly associated with HIV positivity. Effective intervention programmes among CSWs in Manipur to prevent further spread of HIV are strongly indicated by the results of this study.

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