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[Health care resources utilization in HIV-infected patients: creation of a data base and cost results]
Mompo C; Abbas I; Santin M; Rovira J; Anton F; Tomas C; Antonanzas F;
July 30, 2000
Gac Sanit. 2000 Jan-Feb;14(1):39-47. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

OBJECTIVES: To make and validate a data base that allows to collect information about clinical characteristics and use of health care services by HIV-infected patients. An additional purpose is to obtain some data about costs of health care services utilization. METHODS: We have designed an informatic data base that includes: demographic data, clinical data and health care services utilization during the follow up. One hundred and nine patients were selected from 5 different hospitals in Spain and they were followed for 6 months (from January to June 1997). Analytic accounting of one hospital and official tariffs were used to calculate costs of the health care services. RESULTS: The informatic data base designed is useful and appropriate to collect the information of these patients. The annual average cost is 2.5 millions dollars, ranging from 1 million dollars for asymptomatic patients to 3.8 millions for AIDS patients. The comparison of our results with previous studies shows an increased cost of asymptomatic patients. CONCLUSIONS: These results give a preliminary information about health care services utilization by HIV-infected patients and confirm the possibility of using the designed instrument in the future. Since HIV-infection presents an uncertain evolution and a variable prognosis, to implant a tracking system is a necessary requirement in order to obtain a fast and accurate information system about the evolution of clinical variables and their economic repercussions.

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