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Application of robotics in blood banking.
Friedman LI; Severns ML
November 30, 1986
Vox Sang. 1986;51 Suppl 1:57-62. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

To demonstrate the feasibility of using robots in blood banking applications several prototype systems were developed. Activities associated with sample testing and component preparation were examined. In one project, a general-purpose laboratory robot (Zymate Laboratory Automation System, Zymark, Inc., Hopkinton, Mass.) was configured to prepare samples for microplate-based ABO/Rh testing. In a second project, this same robot was configured to carry out specific steps in evaluating bar-coded labels, as part of a quality control procedure. A fluid-handling robot (Sampler 505, Tecan AG, Hombrechtikon, Switzerland) was used to prepare the dilution of serum samples for the evaluation of an anti-HTLV-III test kit. It was then configured to aspirate, dilute and dispense samples for anti-HTLV-III and HBsAg testing. This robotic system is now in field trial. The use of large industrial robots for automating component production was also considered. The key element in this design was the development of a fixture that would hold the blood bag set during the balancing, centrifugation and expressing steps. However, a fixture which was capable of performing these operations and that was equivalent in size and adaptable to a standard centrifuge bucket could not be fabricated.

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