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Endothelial alterations in AIDS with cytomegalovirus infection.
Severin M; Hartmann C; University Eye Clinic, Cologne, FRG.
June 30, 1988
Ophthalmologica. 1988;196(1):7-10. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

We report on a patient in whom a cytomegalovirus infection occurred in connection with AIDS. Together with the alterations of the fundus typical for cytomegalovirus retinitis, reticular deposits were observed on the corneal endothelium. Specular microscopy showed occasional endothelial cells with edema, as well as small, dark, round, mobile structures (probably lymphocytes) and large, bright, spindle-shaped, immobile structures (probably macrophages) located behind the endothelium. Despite treatment with corticosteroids and acyclovir, an increase in the extent of the findings was observed. The deposits are interpreted as a reaction of the endothelium to the cytomegalovirus infection.

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