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[Hearing loss among children in Oslo]
Steen J; Gallefoss K; Nordahl T; Ronning Arnesen A; Bechensteen AG
June 30, 1989
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen. 1989 Feb 28;109(6):672-6. Unique Identifier :

The study concerns children born the years 1975-84. Only children in need of hearing aids are taken into account. The incidense was 1.08 per 1,000 live born children. The prevalens in January 1988 was 1.57 per 1,000 children, including 18 children moving into the city. The etiology among 75 children was 47% prenatal, 16% perinatal, 11% postnatal defects and further 26% of unknown neurogenic origin. Among the 63 impaired children living in Oslo 1988 15 or 24% had multiple handicaps. Identification of hearing loss before one year of age increased from 23% for children born 1975/79 to near 60% for children born 1980/84. At risk children should be tested before leaving hospital after delivery.

Adolescence Child Child, Preschool English Abstract Female Hearing Loss, Partial/*EPIDEMIOLOGY/ETIOLOGY Hearing Loss, Sensorineural/*EPIDEMIOLOGY/ETIOLOGY Human Infant Male Norway JOURNAL ARTICLE