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Antibodies to a putative HIV gp41 immunosuppressive peptide, pHIVIS (583-599), do not correlate significantly with outcome in HIV infection.
Cheingsong-Popov R; Panagiotidi C; Caun K; Klasse PJ; Pipkorn R;
September 30, 1990
AIDS. 1990 Mar;4(3):251-3. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE MED/90274901

We have studied the prevalence of antibodies to peptides derived from the transmembrane protein of HIV, gp41. Previous work has suggested that the presence of antibodies to the gp41 peptide known as pHIVIS (env 583-599) is associated with protection from immunosuppression in HIV infection. We studied 171 sequential sera from 55 HIV-1-infected people in various clinical stages of disease. There was no significant association between antibodies to pHIVIS and clinical status in this study. Although pHIVIS has sequence similarity to the putative immunosuppressive region of the C-type oncornaviruses (p15E), antibodies to this peptide do not appear to be associated with protection from immunosuppression in natural HIV infection.

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